FADE (current)


Fade is an RPG game my longtime buddy Erik (aka Milennin) is working on. it’s the less silly sequal to Beta Town. which was actually never intended to be a fullfledged game.


Beta Town was the testing area for Erik to get to know his way around RPG-maker. but eventually Erik decided it was more fun to work on Beta then an actual game. Resulting in a small lighthearted silly game that mocks most of the RPG cliche’s. staring our alter ego characters The Battlers. if you havn’t played Beta Town, you can download it here.


Fade takes off where Beta ended. And unlike it’s predecessor will actually be a fullfledged RPG-game. with custom sprites, artwork and as much puns we can find. Since this is a pretty big project to solo I wanted to help Erik out. creating characters, armors and monsters for the game so he can focus more on level designing.


I dare say a decade since I’ve done pixelart. Since Erik and I started drawing in MS-paint way before either of us picked up a pencil this project has a very nostalgic feel to it. especially since this is the first thing we’ve done together in a long time.